A 'Bush Doof'' is an event where hippies and just down right cook heads head into a random bush and listen to non stop trance for days on end. Copious amounts of drugs are consumed and people essentially doof in the bush. For something to be defined as a bush doof 50 or more people have to be present listening to doof music together while the sun rises.
Hey John how sick was that party in the bush last night, I didnt know any of those trance songs.
John: Thats what I call a bush doof Johnny.
by Maghetti February 04, 2014
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Aussie name given to music festivals that take place in a rural, forest or bush location where music of the psy trance an techno genre are played for 2 to 4 days straight. These events are attended by hippies, gypsies and all manor of drug loving people. Is essentially a drug bender in the bush. A large percentage of those in attendance only use there tents to consume ridiculous amount of drugs and then go for a long walk around the festival with no real purpose or destination just because they're fucked and need to do something. Most that get amongst the stages an dance to the music tend to not be seen again for hours. Common drugs found at a bush doof include, but are not limited too: GHB, Meth, ecstasy, LSD, Weed, Ketamine & Speed.
1 -"Did you go to that bush doof over the weekend?"

2 - "Heard the bush doof was off its titts, i should of gone!"
by bunchbiccedcunts May 13, 2015
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