xtc pill raver slang
can u get us some biccies for Utopia
by raver baby January 11, 2005
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Adj. biccies
- When someone is a bit mental or schitz.

Verb. to go biccies
- When someone becomes really mad and takes a rager.

- "That guy is a bit biccies."
- "He went biccies after I said his girlfriend looked like a fucktard."
by The Scrabble Kings June 7, 2007
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A Biccy is another word for biscuit in the UK. Usually chavs and old people say this.
"Do you want a Biccy with your tea"
by thereallegend27 February 5, 2017
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A shortened word for biscuits

One can measure the amount of epic of an event on the amount of biccys they would rate it
Want some biccys?
by CollyMollinsfan May 21, 2021
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1.Synonym of eccies,ecstasy,MDMA
2.Disco biscuit(australian slang biccies)for ecstasy tablet.
1.Went to a rave an everyone was chewin on disco biccies!
by S@m November 11, 2004
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