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to get stuck behind a school bus that's making way too many stops usually when you're already running late to work or to catch a train
I'm sorry I'm late boss but I got busfucked an unprecedented 3 different times on the way to work.

Dude, we've been busfucked for over 20 minutes. I'm thinking about running over the next fucking kid that gets on that damn bus. I'm sure the judge will understand.

Bro I got busfucked and missed my train so I'm gonna chill and drink some gold tops in my car till the next one comes.
by Olof Carmody February 25, 2008
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when you are driving and get stuck in the right lane behind a city bus while the rest of traffic flows freely in the left lane.
i got bus fucked and had to wait at the red light!!!
by noah mc June 30, 2006
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It's a derivative of "throwing someone under the bus". But, it's harsher, deeper, and more direct.

You can accidentally throw someone under the bus. But, bus fucking someone is on purpose.
Bill: Dude, you threw Bob under the bus in the sales meeting today because we didn't hit goal.

Ted: I didn't throw him under the bus. I hate that asshole. I bus fucked him, right to the bosses face!
by TheCav July 21, 2010
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to get screwed in some way while taking the bus. Examples include: the bus being late, standing out in the rain/snow/cold, having a shitty driver, having someone talk your ear off/assault you, getting sick later because someone sneezed all over you, etcetera.
"What took you so long getting to work?"
"Oh, you know, mass transit- I got busfucked."
by roger the fabricator February 10, 2004
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when you see tons of busses going the opposite way you're going and you end up waiting forever for a bus.

however, the ending "fucked" is also interchangeable with random words like:
LEAF fucked, WIND fucked, STREET fucked, etc.

basically it's when you get fucked over. not FUCK FUCK, but fucked over.
"we just got bus fucked!"
"SHIT! the wind is so strong. we just got wind fucked!"
by eatchuurbum April 16, 2009
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when you have the worse possible luck imaginable catching your bus or busses.
Sorry I'm late! I missed my bus by mere seconds, then the next one didn't show, then the one after that was ten minutes late! I got totally bus fucked.
by Pickles McDoody October 29, 2010
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