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1. The process in which an individual misses the bus, or must wait an undesirable period of time for the bus to arrive.

2. Missing a series of buses consecutively, further extending an individuals waiting time at the bus stop.

3. Giving up all hopes of finding transportation, and choosing to walk to the desired destination, only to watch the bus pass you on the street five minutes later.

Busfucking often occurs on Wednesday, due to the typically early releasing of students from most public schools which may happen to conflict with the schedules of school or city buses. In some cases, busfuckage may increase substantially due to lack of patience and aggravation towards the bus company.

Wednesday is known as "busfuck day," as it is the day you are most likely (or in some cases, inevitably) to be busfucked.
"Where the hell is that school bus? Did we just get busfucked?"
by Eric-san June 05, 2008
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Bus fucking involves 2 people: the victim, and the fucker. The bus fucker is generally the bitch on the bus that no one likes to sit with because she is either: a FAT bitch, a SCARY bitch, a super-bitch, or a combination of the three. Victims to bus fucking are usually guys too nice to say no to someone who wants to sit with them. Once the bitch sits down, she begins to engage you in conversation about obsessions with non-fat guys, her hatred of her parents, and other topics the victim more often than not does not give a damn about. The result of a good (see: bad) bus fucking is: being even more scared of the bitch, friends making fun of you, and annoying children on the bus claiming you want to have an affair with the bitch.

Also see: bus rape
Victim: Thank God we're at my bus I can get away from Sammi.
Victim Friend: Yeah man, she bus fucked you good. Did she seriously tell you about how she wants her brother inside her?
by Buerckchop November 26, 2007
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The act of throwing an individual under the collective bus or having said action performed to you.

May also be used when stuck behind busses.
Jill busfucked me in that meeting with the CEO. Now he thinks I'm an incompetent goon.

The sheer amount of busfuckery in this company is staggering.

I am currently being busfucked by City Metro, I'll be in late today.
by robomuppet June 03, 2010
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When you offer your sexual services to anyone riding on the bus, are declined, and then quite literally try to have sex with the bus by humping the ticket booth, rails, ect..
Jessa is such a bus fuck
by jennaguts December 07, 2011
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-n. (1) One large enough to fuck over a bus if it were to run into him or her.
-n .(2) One would also be capable of eating said bus as an appetizer with ease.
-n. (3) One would also be interested in fucking (engaging in sexual intercourse) with said bus.

-v. (1) To be hit with a bus, but because of one's extremely large weight and size, to cause the bus to be "fucked," or destroyed.
-v. (2) To literally engage in sexual intercourse (fuck) a bus through its exhaust pipe, doors, gas tank, sunroof, or other cavities.

-v. (3) To literally engage in sexual intercourse (fuck) a bus by shoving its exhaust pipe up one's anal caviti(es) (asshole).
-v. (4) To literally engage engage in sexual intercourse (fuck) a bus by shoving the entire bus inside one's anal cavity(ies) (asshole).
Steve is such a busfuck.

Did you see that busfuck? He must have weighed a billion tons.

Steve: I'll take five hundred mcburgers. Can you supersize them?
Employee: Wow, you're such a busfuck.

Holy shit that busfuck last night was so kinky.
by Busfuck July 27, 2009
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