1)a male that everyone can get a ride on (male version of a knob "every1 has a turn")
2)a form of public transportation
1) that boy a bus
2)i have to take the bus to school
by Latasha June 30, 2003
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meaning hot sex, you use this word when you are attracted to someone yet you do not want them to be aware of the fact that you would like to sex them up.
hot mesikan skater kid walks by. Or just hot mesikan

Lindsey: "OMG. bus, bus, bus."
Becah: "ROFL"
by mama becah February 26, 2006
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A nickname for a fat girl who gives head in closets and goes out with chubby chasers.
Oh look there's the bus! Oh my god , put it away , she's not done yet.
by Andrew October 09, 2003
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word to describe somebody or something that really ugly, gross and/or unwanted.
me: hey that girl goes to our school
you: yeah shes fucking bus!
by ania January 23, 2004
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is describing someone buff, or just a tank. Refferring to Mike Reddington. Also can be used to describe knocking someone over or hurting them.
Mike is such and Bus, and he just bused someone over
by mike formosa February 01, 2005
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the one thing i look forward to taking on my way to school in the morning
i meet loadsa people to laugh at, we piss off the driver, depending on who it is and peel the no smoking signs off the window
cheap way of getting around without contributing to green house gas emissions
new fuel cell buses r kl
god im such a geek lol not really:D
the driver of the 84 hu supports chelsea is a right tit but funny all the same and he gives us summin 2 laugh bout
bless my bus crew
by tara05 December 03, 2005
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