A burnt chicken nugget can mean two things one being McDonald's screwed you over the other being a nickname for a great human being
Example god this day is like getting a burnt chicken nugget
by Foodmadoods May 22, 2017
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A derogatory slang used to refer to large,overweight men of a brown skin tone.
by Able tesfey November 19, 2018
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A chicken nugget that has been in the stove for too long and now is black (burnt).
“Hey Linda are the chicken nuggets ready” shouted Christine, “Yes but sadly we are having burnt chicken nuggets” said Linda
by Andioopthicc October 23, 2019
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Your mom's world-famous Chicken Nugget Casserole (Has green beans, burnt chicken nuggets, and cheddar. Ohhhh)
We Love(HATE) my mom's Burnt Chicken Nugget Casserole.

by FeLePe January 9, 2020
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