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The "dead" feeling you get the day after taking a particularly speedy recreational drug, such as ecstasy, cocaine or PCP when you need to spend most the day sleeping as to recover from exhaustion. May or may not be accompanied by hangover-like effects, depending on what you've taken.
Gary: "Hey dude, you wanna go out?"
Mike: "Naw dude, I'm burnt. I took some pretty potent E last night."
Gary: "Aw man, that sucks. Go back to sleep."
by rollin hard April 21, 2007
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When you take a dose of Ecstasy (MDMA) accompanied by a dose of Acid (LSD) and you get the good feeling from the Ecstasy, but also more vivid hallucinations from the Acid by mixing the two.
"Hey dude, I've still got a few hits of that acid I got from John last week. Why don't you go get a couple of pills and we'll go candy flippin' tonight?"
by rollin hard April 21, 2007
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