1) The act of unpleasantly and permanently ending relations with another person, or an organization.
2) To act harshly/disgracefully upon leaving a situation to ensure that you will not be welcomed back.
3) To cut off the way upon which you came from, making it impossible to return or retreat.
1) Our friendship was so broken by that point, the only way we could move on was to burn bridges between us.
2)She walked out of the store she was employed at, screaming and cursing at the management. She burned her bridges and will never be able to step back in there again.
3)In order to commit the troops to battle, the general made the difficult, and risky choice of burning bridges behind them.
by Underknot July 15, 2016
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The act of eliminating all possibility of return or retreat.
You said you didn't want to be a fugitive, but you shot a man in Reno, tried to sell cocaine to a cop, and kicked a puppy into moving traffic! Talk about burning bridges, mate!
by Captain Julia August 21, 2006
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unable to move on or get someone out of your head. you only want that one person and nobody else so there is no escape. they're burning bridges to other people so it's that one person or nobody for your two options.
"you're burning bridges baby, burning bridges making wishes"- boys like girls
by hawt_scene_chick October 25, 2007
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One of the worst experiences in middle to high school. To burn a bridge is to break away from a close friend, who you have consistently been on good terms and have had happy memories together. A simpler way: burning up your friendship or connections with someone important to you. A warning to anyone: don't do it. You will seriously feel down, and until that person (or even you) has apologized, you'll both feel bad. It emotionally rips you, as a friend will start avoiding you, express anger at you, etc. until you tell them how you're feeling about this.
And don't think this doesn't happen at your school.

It does. It tears people apart.

Maybe some are striking a match, others with a wildfire, while others are completely disconnected.

Rebuilding bridges can take years, yet burning one could just take a day.
A example of burning bridges includes:

Avoiding certain individuals (physically avoiding someone, blocking/not responding to chats over the Internet)
Shouting or expressing anger at you ("I HATE YOU" "STFU" "SHUT UP" "GO AWAY")
Attacking someone physically (hitting, pushing)
Attacking someone mentally (saying nasty things directly to you)
Attacking someone socially (spreading/starting nasty rumors/gossip about you to others)
by windrider123 March 12, 2011
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Infrastructural arson.
"Don't be burning bridges, one day you'll want to cross a river and see a charred hulk of one"
by meesa_be_here May 18, 2021
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Burning bridges
Burning bridges
by _The Secret_ August 1, 2019
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cut off all ties in a relationship
when you burn a bridge you can't cross it again. to burn a bridge means to be completely done with something.
your bridges were burned
and now it's your turn
to cry, cry me a river
by mimi December 17, 2004
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