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A management practice that uses middle managers as scapegoats to perpetuate existing conditions. In situations where senior management and workers are invested in retaining current practices and customs a middle manager will be tasked to "Cean things up". However, the manager will meet passive aggression and mobbing from both superiors and subordinates that socially isolates and frustrates all but the most basic changes. After the middle manager is "Burned Out" and frustrated after a period of time, the manager will either quit or be fired for ineffectivness. In this way the status quo is maintained and blame can be assinged to the middle manager for failure. A new middle manager will be hired and the cycle will repeat itself. This is the turning phase
"Don't go to work at that hospital-not even Jesus himself could fix that place. It's strictly burn and turn".
by psychdoc March 11, 2010
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*Opposite(ish) of "Wake and Bake"

Burn and Turn: Where one engages in illicit substances (Burning) before Turning in for the night, aka passing the fuck out.
Guy 1: "Man, do you have any weed I can grab? I need to do a serious Burn and Turn"
Guy 2: "Oh yeah, man I know, I burn and turn every night"
by Momomee April 15, 2010
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