burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants, burninating all the peoples...
by mbentley December 30, 2005
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The process your body goes through after becoming completely trashed from drinking a load of beer.
Damn dude, you definitely just burinated on my couch. GET A DIAPER!
Wow my girl snoopy's been to the bathroom at least 10 times tonight, must be burinating.
by Lil Stomp January 2, 2005
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Slang word for diahrrea. A combination of the words butt and urine.
Man, after that greasy mexican food and Corona Light I have some explosive burine!
by Balls on Beercans September 23, 2008
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I ate a bad prawn, which resulted in my burine spraying EVERWHERE, it was ghastly!
by Jimmy Crickets February 28, 2010
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Noun: City
Small town in rural Newfoundland with a lot of scoccer fanatics and a lot of drunks. Mostly drunk soccer fanatics.
Hey Jordan, are you coming with us to hit a 6 pack before the game in Burin?
by dancingtoes16 July 29, 2008
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