Bupper is a meal consisting of breakfast related food, but It is eaten at supper time hence the name “Bupper”

People may call it other words but Bupper means Breakfast for Supper

(B)upper - Breakfast
B(upper) - Supper or Dinner
“Hey what did you have for supper?”
“Oh we just had some bupper.”
“Nice! That’s my favorite! who doesn’t like breakfast twice a day?”
by camxx December 27, 2020
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a meal that counts as supper and breakfast..like fourthmeal at taco bell..usually eaten after 1 AM and before 6 AM
person one: mann i'm so hungry i didn't eat anything before we went out
person two: me too..let's go to taco bell and get some bupper...i'm pretty sure they're still open
person one: sweet! i love bupper
by nic-a June 24, 2008
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Other term of BOBO (in tagalog) meaning stupid
Are you Bupper? or something??

by stanjpop March 12, 2020
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Business slippers. Slip on dress/leather Skechers and the like. Shoes that qualify for business casual.
I can't be bothered to tie my shoes, so I purchased a pair of black and a pair of brown BUPPERS to wear to work.
by Picksburgher October 01, 2013
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