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The greatest webcomic on the face of the earth. Associated with phrases like 'is it not nifty' and 'worship the comic'. located at
by Alecat June 25, 2003
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One of the best comics on the planet, written by Pete Abrams. It started in 1997 and has not missed a day ever since. It falls into no specific genre, but covers humor, sci-fi, horror, parodies, drama, a little romance and everything in between.

There are pirates, ghosts, nerds, aliens, laser canons, mad scientists, homicidal rabbits, ferrets, assassins, ninjas, demons, satan-spawn kittens, and is pretty entertaining to boot.

It can be located at Just use the convinient little drop-down bar and enjoy from the beginning, middle, or just jump in at the present- though I wouldn't reccommend it; there are many things that require background information... besides, it's just more fun to read from the beginning!

You can also purchase things to do with the comic or a subscription as a defender of the Nifty to access extra stuff. Enjoy!
Me: Oh no! I'm reading Sluggy Freelance and Aylee has transformed into a potato-eating dragon that releases EMP's and she accidentaly erased all of Bun Bun's Baywatch tapes! Now Torg, Riff, Zoe, Aylee, and Kiki are all on the run and now Torg, Zoe, and a bunch of Zoe's college friends have run into Satan-spawn kittens in a little town in the middle of nowhere and it doesn't things don't look good for them!
Innocent Bystander: o_O ...ooookay then.
by Nifty Chick May 24, 2009
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