Technical term for the freely cord used to prevent skydivers not specifically tailored to their rig from falling out of the harness. Rumored to add a special something to the seated canopy position.
"Dang, if it wasn't for that butt bungee I would have had an entire rig cutaway."
"Does this butt bungee make my ass look dummy thick or is it just me?"
by Skydyver January 18, 2021
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When people get confused before they sneeze and they get two or sometimes more thick runny trails of snot dangling from their nostrils and hanging off their faces.
The look they give you is priceless.
I heard him sneeze and I turned around to see him standing stock-still looking up at me with bogey bungees hanging from his face. Gross right in the middle of dinner.
by Kairan November 18, 2003
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