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Southern Califonia slang; Taking Mdma (esctasy)
This term was coined in Long Beach, 2006
It is from the constant smacking, and licking of the lips during an Mdma experience, like someone is eating a delicious cake.
Got bundt?
Man, im bundtin hard..I cant stop biting my lip!
Wanna get some bundt cakes?
by Jeff Hernandez April 06, 2008
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(noun; adjective) An obese version of a muffin top; when the roll of fat or flab hanging over the top of the pants is just plain BIG. You know it when you see it. When it is just way too big to simply be referred to as a muffin top. A J-U-M-B-O muffin top.
Good lord; that's no muffin top - THAT'S a Bundt Cake!

That Bundt Cake will never fit into the center seat on that 727; it'll spill over into half of the seats on both sides.

jumbo muffin top, fat muffin top, biggest loser BEFORE photo
by Koz (Cincy) March 02, 2011
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To blow your wad on a chicks face, making her look like a bundt cake.
Me and this hoe was making bundt cakes las t night.
by Forreal 18 January 11, 2005
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