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A bum who freezes to death on the street. Usually found in the morning frozen solid to his park bench.
"The only thing i hate about working in sanitation is having to chip the bumsicles off the dumpsters in the winter."
by Captain Cornhole January 29, 2004
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A person who is so lathargic they never move and steadily gain mass as they develop into a large lazy lard ass
Ryan is such a bumsicle, he stays in bed all day, plays Pokemon on his DS and constantly orders delivery.
by i_catch_wreck July 25, 2010
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A usually highly intoxicated urban outdoorsman A.K.A a bum that hangs out,passes out or is otherwise stuck in a snow bank that was obviously just too difficult to navigate.
Daddy, is that dirty man making snow angels?

Dad- no Son, that is just a "bumsicle".
by whitechocolatethunder January 23, 2012
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When the poo only comes half out and then gets stuck and cannot come out you are left with a bumsicle.
Eva: Man I had a major bumsicles last night!
Ciara: I get them everyday...
by Niamh__ October 29, 2014
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Like a popsicle, but with a bum on top rather than an ice lolly...
-"This bumsicle sure is good!"
-"Oh no! I got fluff on my bumsicle"
-"This popsicle tastes like bum..."
by bumlover June 17, 2008
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