A man who has not bathed, wears a beanie, and has a dirty beard (see "dirty beard"). Usually has sex with many women but in turn has probably made them dirty women by just touching them. Dirty men are usually seen working in convienience stores, fast food, or just walking aimlessly at all times of the day.
"Anyone from Linkin Park is a dirty man."

by sn@ch October 10, 2006
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A male prostitute who covers himself and his partner in a thick coating of shit.
I am going to buy a dirty man for tonight!
by TetrisandRubiks January 17, 2012
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A competition in which a man does not shave his beard of cut his hair for 1 year. During said year people who dared the man to enter the contest, provokes him to shave his beard and thus losing the competition.
Seth Rogen's friend in the Movie Knocked Up, dared him to enter A Dirty Man Competition by convincing him if he succeeds his roommates would pay his rent, if he fails which he did he would have to pay everyones rent
by bosoxfan1990 June 25, 2010
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Someone who has wronged people in many ways, it is gender specific. (noun)
Man that guy in charge of AIG is a dirty man tool!
by santo Sucio April 01, 2009
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Refers to the staggering walk of a man after he has been kicked in the balls immediately following an unsolicited sexual innuendo.
Used in a sentence - "That gross bartender just asked me how I like my eggs in the morning, Fertilized? So I gave him a dirty man's lurch!"
by Dark alley traveler March 10, 2010
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