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A word that one might call someone who is a pretty good friend.
A combination of the words bum and woodchuck.
Hey bumchucks, what's going on?
by Mike Howes January 19, 2005
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1. Something that sucks.
2. An expression of dislike.
3. A jerk.
1. "I failed that calculus test!"

2. "Hey, wanna grab some Mickey D's?"
"Bumchuck Mickey D's!"

3. "Who is Jimmy Jones?"
"A bumchuck, that's who!"
by Bridget Hunt March 27, 2008
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Performing any sexual act for drugs.
"Damn, did you hear Sally didn't work last night because, she bumchuck Jacob for a crack rock?"

"Roy couldn't find any weed so he bumchucked for it."
by 3xpr3sso June 02, 2018
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