During a sex act in the doggystyle
position, use ones hands to give oneself moose horns by first making a fist with thumb and pinky fingers fully extended and placing thumbs on opposite sides of ones head and angling for maximum pinky extension.
Extra credit for mouthing a big moose call and/or not laughing.
Extra, extra credit for negotiating this maneuver in front of a mirror without partner noticing.
I was fucking your mom and pulled off a bullwinkle
by Tool April 11, 2003
A real BULLWINKLE is when 2 guys each stick their penis in a girls EAR.
Chris and Hat stuck their penis in that Ho's ear giving her a bullwinkle. Can also be a half a bullwinkle if only 1 guy and one girl are involved
by Bullwinkle April 24, 2004
When a guy is having sex with a girl doggy style, and he signals to a friend lying hidden in the room that he's having sex. The bullwinkle is done by raising his hands to his ears so to form antlers and shouts HEY ROCKY!!!
Roger did a bullwinke to signal to maurice that he was having sex.
by Bandaid Man February 14, 2005
This only seems to work for girls who are not used to anal sex. While doing it doggy style, you retract your penis from the virgina and shove it into the anal cavity. When she turns around (most likely with a painfull look), you put your hands in the bull horn position and scream "bullwinkle!"
My girl wanted something me to surprise her in the bedroom, so I gave her a bullwinkle.
by Crazy Guy March 29, 2004
to engage in an act of homosexuality
the new trend of gays everywhere soon to surpass the common butt fuck
try it out with your partner, it could mean or be anything
he'll love it!!!!!!!
derives from the hot spot in bloomington
the bar bullwinkles
wear something cute if you go
sean griffen bullwinkled the shit out of joe last night

"my ass hurts from all the bullwinkeling that took place last night" -sean

"i caught my dad bullwinkeling some dude last night, i can never look at saurkraut the same" -Joe

some times i just need a good bullwinkle
by bullwinkler July 12, 2006
The Banner Elk Suprise is preformed when a man is having sex with a woman doggy style and then places his thumbs together with the nails facing each other. Then the man places the thumbs in the womans anus while spreading the remaining fingers apart to resemble the antlers of an elk.
fred gave his wife a bullwinkle
by ducksworths August 28, 2008