That means bullshit.- Something that is not well ´played`. In some way this could determine a lie or a pretending making a usefull thing, and then someone realise you are a scumbag. Somehow.
We thought you are a real cop...
" I am a real cop !! "
Do you guys really beleive him?!?!! Man, that's bull ,ok!!!! Get the fuck out, buddy !!!
by markuzl October 31, 2013
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Quartermaster; regimental officer, usually commissioned from the ranks, responsible for administering barracks, laying out the camp, and looking after supplies.
by hulu69 June 13, 2017
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A individual who possesses extreme motivation, perseverance, and commitment to his/her goal.
Look at Rudy going after Sabrina at work...that dudes a fucking bull!

Mess with the bull you get the horns pal, Daryl just doesn't give up.

Danny's been grinding all night, that guys a straight up bull!
by TeamDiesel August 1, 2011
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any law organization which holds authority.
joe- "don't bring him!"
chris- "why not?"
joe- "he'll bring the bulls with him"
by x February 26, 2004
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Say it slowly and it sounds like you’re saying “dis-uh-bull” which means disable
Win-Uhhhh,Anrew kahra kinda this a bull in da head
by rip_everything_is_mid May 11, 2022
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A bull is a person who buys securities in anticipation of selling them later at a higher price
See that guy,? He is buying all the shares
He must be a bull
by RedWhiteAndBlack April 30, 2015
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