A Bull is the giver in the Cuckold dynamic, a bull is typically someone who enjoys being the person fucking someone else’s wife, but It can also be used generally to identify someone who’s kink primarily surrounds a large cock
“god I so loved when that bull rearranged my guts in front of my husband last Tuesday night
by breakme August 04, 2020
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When a guy performs a moon and the viewer(s) can see his hairy balls dangling below his bare ass, resembling the rear end view of a bull.
Ewww gross, I just got bulled by Roger and his balls were hanging below his knees!
by bellheezy March 02, 2011
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Chicago basketball team that used to dominate but now is on life support. THE sports team of the 1990's, led by Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Set the record for most wins in an NBA season at 72.

Now the team rests its hopes on Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler, two highschool-to the pros centers. One (Curry) is seemingly too fat while the other (Chandler) is too weak and thin. Both have to use google search engine to find the basket or their defensive game.
by John Winkleman is a Woman November 27, 2004
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The Bull is used to have sex in Trinidad
I cah lime now dwag I wah bull my gyal
by Chef Shon February 02, 2019
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Early Bowery term for officers of the law, possibly originating in the late 19'th century. Also called flatfoots.
1900's textile cart driver: "Zeeser Gottenyu! You've poisoned my horse! Oh thank God, here come the bulls.

Monk Eastman: "'ello officer Fitzpatrick, this cart-driver's waving a gun at me!"

Corrupt 1900's cop: "'ey, ye sold me wife some moth-eaten fabric about a week ago, and now yer falseley accusin' this nice fella o' poisonin' yer horse, I oughta hall ye in!"

cart driver: "this man poisoned my horse, and you're halling me in? You filthy Irish pig! And you, horse-poisoner, a shande, a shande for the Goyim!"

Eastman: "the Goy is my hand-servant, good luck jackass!"
by Alan June 04, 2004
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negative connotation for someone or something that is less than what's expected, crap..
that party was so bull... or.. that girl didn't know how to suck; she had some bull ass head
by bertB May 23, 2006
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