A very powerful and strong creature capable of only one thing, withstanding attacks to the markets by gay bears.

A bula never change sides, A bula only remains LONG for the rest of its lifespan.

Bulas consistently like to find and crowd with their other hordes of bulas,
"Markets only go up! gay bears will be punished! I am a strong bula that will add more money when markets dip!"

"I believe my coin, the creamcoin has an upside potential of over 700%! I am hodling and adding more when it dips"

"-That crazy brave bula is still hodling after an 80% drop!"
by Shibacoin December 20, 2020
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A double kegger every friday durring spring quarter, traditionally starting at 2 in the afternoon.
Hey man, it's 2:00, lets go to the bula and get drunk.
by matt March 11, 2005
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an early to mid- 90's expression, meaning "in your face!" and pronounced "boo ya!"
Bula!! 12 points! You've been pwned!
by Deblen October 08, 2006
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to vomit, throw-up. originated with the sound you make when you retch and expel the contents of your stomach, usually after the over consumption of alcohol.
A visit with Ralph and Bula.
by Boink September 03, 2004
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Term used in scandinavian countries for young black males who came from Africa to Scandinavia and who are living on welfare money and spend all day in a coffeeshop drinking free water or cheap coffee. The name is taken from the way how they speak their native language.
Friend: Let's go to the coffeeshop and have a cup of coffee!

Other friend: No way, that place is totally crowded with Bula Bula's
by Sugardaddy May 29, 2013
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