Used by Vietnamese, picked up by the Veterans of the Vietnam War. Means "a lot of" or "many." derived from the French word "beaucoup" meaning 'much.'
We've got buku charlies just on the other side of hill 445.
by murdock92188 April 12, 2007
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to have a lot of something (popular in Rhode Island)
Look at that car, he must have buku bucks.
by Brian Wagner March 5, 2003
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1. A Vietnamese word meaning "much" or "many of" deriving from the French word "beaucoup", picked up by the Vietnam War veterans and brought to the states.

2. Account for inflation, as 2015 corresponds to approximately $100,000.

Cody: Oh boy howdy, this economic climate is making me worry about this petroleum engineering degree I'm soon to acquire, how much do you think I can expect to make?

TJ: Well, lets say you find a job paying you $70,000/yr. Then lets say you're not a dumbass and you can also find the time to research the financial viability of various publicly traded companies. Not being an aforementioned dumbass would yield you the ability to learn python and endeavour with me into the world of Quantopian's trading algorithm workspace, where we can back-test our algorithm's validity back to 2002 and eventually let it run in real time, hopefully generating us a considerable compliment to our incomes.

So you could probably count on exactly 1 buku.
by Listeningtoyourconversations December 13, 2015
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1. Big dick in Vietnamese
2. A large amount.
1.Damn that is one buku sucker you got there.
2. They are making buku dollars with that job.
by 2tranced March 8, 2004
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Giving head in Vietnamese. kubu means big dick in Vietnamese.
That chick looks like she can buku.
Duma buku.
by lazy-one September 25, 2009
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easily can be compared to hella
can be used in place of very or fuckin
that's buku cool!

Gina: thats dumb...that's buku dumb!

by sar uhh July 30, 2007
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