1) something/someone irritating, bothersome, or annoying.
dude 1: "Tracy's looks nice!"
dude 2: "No thanks, Tracy buggs"
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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Bugg - A Boston Terrier/Pug mix that is SUPER crazy. This breed of dog is usually so ugly that its cute. Best Trait: they're Bugg eyes that makes them look insect like... One of the most amazing dogs you can have...
Is that and alien or a Bugg?!
by Cheyenne Xavier Murdock Wayne December 17, 2008
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an extremely ugly deformed human on sims 2. they have huge family's and are fat and wear tons of make up and funny clothes.
look at the bugg! BAAAH!
by dirk4mvpof2008 August 7, 2007
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An action caused when someone is late for a meeting or event. This can be either on purpose or by accident. Named after the infamous Bugg guy who is never early or on time but always late.
Karen is pulling a Bugg. It is 12:20 and the meeting started at noon.
by s521sh1 September 13, 2011
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the best thing to be discovered for about the past 15 years with a sound that could be compared to such kick ass artists like donovan, stones or bob dylan, simon and garfunkel etc. he is magical. and hes damn fine. so there's that. he's the whole package and if you're smart you'll keep your eye on him cause he's gonna be huge in a short matter of time.
"hey do you listen to jake bugg?"
"what are you living for"
by rocknrollwillneverdie September 22, 2013
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A female who wears both Uggs and North Face brand apparel. Usually this is accompanied by tight jeans or spandex.
Yo did you just see that flock of "nugg buggs" walk by. How the hell do they afford it.
by CRackaWacka January 4, 2010
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