Someone who is clingy and blows up your cellphone.
(Phone Rings @ 4am in the morning) I'm not answering that, it's that bug-a-boo again.
by Nyesha August 2, 2006
An annoying stalkerish person who won't leave you alone.
Chick1:"Girl, your text tone keeps ringing off the wall!"
Chick2:"I know! Ugh, its this stupid bug a boo that won't leave me alone!"
by Mario! April 6, 2009
Cute pet name to be referred to as when bugging about a situation
Chris is being such a bug a boo about this party!
by Candycorn123xoxo March 15, 2015
A lyric from All Caps by Madvillain, Madlib & MF DOOM. The average Hip Hop fan at first does not understand DOOM, but once they realize that to do so is impossible, they become a learned fan of the craft that he has so mastered.
GUY 1 "Whats a Bug-A-Boo?"
GUY 2 "No one knows what that is"
by Zev Love X September 15, 2022