Attractive, glamorous or generally pleasing. Similar to ‘buff’ but with greater value and credibility.
This girl was buffting
by Gathe November 27, 2002
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If a thing is buff, it is a buffting. 'ting' being London garage slang for 'thing'*
Err, that bird down twerton park was a right buffting.

*"it's a London ting"
by spencer February 01, 2003
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A word which means the same as buff: Fit, Sexy, Hot.
its used instead of buff because it sounds better!
aint that girl just proper buffting blad
by markyt4 October 18, 2006
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English youth slang for someone who is rather attractive
shanice: ooooh. that boyz a buffting ya know
deborah:yes. he is rather good looking
by mallert April 13, 2008
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When two or more fit women are near you they are refered to as bufftings. Buff + things= Bufftings - obviously.
Look at dem bufftings standing on that street corner! Lets get a closer look!
by relentle$$ May 08, 2003
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