A term used in the mid-west referring to regular budweiser in an attempt to avoid getting bud light by mistake.
yo pick me up a 30 of bud heavy when you go to the store.
by PaulyM November 30, 2007
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expression for a regular budwieser for the hardcore kid
" man those bud heavys werent tasting to shab"
by hoytriffic July 8, 2006
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The way grown men that wear boat shoes order a Budweiser at the bar while try to cope with there insecurity/ sexuality issues because they think it sounds tough. Other definitions will tell you a Budweiser is ordered this way so it’s not confused with a bud light not realizing that the person serving them knows when they ask for bud they don’t want a bud light. Other names used are bud diesel, bud longneck, or diesel.
Get this looser a bud light and I’ll take a bud heavy

Hey bra order get me a bud heavy
by Jojo_L_A February 4, 2018
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