The superior nickname for Jawn Rocha, a photographer best known for photographing the pop-punk band Waterparks on a number of their tours.
“Yo, what’s that band photographer guy’s name again? Something like John, but spelled weird...”
“he be johm roaches
by regenerating degenerate September 19, 2018
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a cool, sexy person who has ALOT of cool friends, it’s totally not a mis-spelling of “john” either.
“You heard about that new kid?”
oh yeah? Heard he’s so hit, his name is probably “Johm”
by pockisgone January 7, 2022
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Resending the exact same thing to a friend or group of friends that has already been sent by someone else in the party
I sent that mene out a few hours ago, but Alex came in and Johmed it to the group again.
by Sharpsky July 22, 2022
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