A term for one woman to another to lead into nude relations and threesomes or foursomes. A word to break the ice between two women where one woman asks the other if she likes Bubble Baths. All women love Bubble Baths and when the other woman agrees, the predator woman will ask for the woman or the couple to come over to the house to take a bubble bath. Instigating a sexual tone that allows the broachment of threesomes or couple sex in the same room or even couple swapping for sexual fulfillment
Wife to a single lady, "Do you like Bubble Baths?"

Single Lady, "Yes I do."

Wife, "Then you ought to come over to our house. We have a big bathtub."

Single Lady, "That sounds great."

The Husband smiles.
by Heneverdies April 28, 2010
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A tough situation. Being in a tight spot.
We seem to be in a bubble bath... If'n we don't get out soon, we might end up wet and clean. And boss ain't gonna 'preciate that.
by Rufus Downtrodden February 10, 2005
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When your day was disasterous or your week was long and exhausting. You not only deserve the best bubble bath ever. You deserve the best bubble bath with a refill. So if you've soaked and moaned and cried and opened a second bottle of wine, you deserve a bath refill. Your water got cold and the pipes had time to warm back up. It's a luxury. And you deserve it. Have another.
I've been soaking in a warm bubble bath and it's turning cold and 'm not done. I need a refill. I need a bubble bath refill.
by Kimberly S Adams January 04, 2016
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When you and your hommies are in the tub together and one by one you each ejaculate in the water until it creates bubbles of cum.
Jim, George and Ricky all had an incredible Kansas Bubble Bath
by Markfucker May 24, 2019
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(n.) When you fart in the bath and the bubbles come up and stink up the room.
Dude! I just walked in on Keith cooking up a mexican bubble bath! Nasty fucker!
by Deelan May 26, 2008
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The act of filling a kiddie pool with apple juice and using a hand mixer to combine the apple juice with Belgian cocoa powder turning it into a appley-chocolatey mix. One then uses their sexual prowess (a.k.a. pinecone juggling skills) to lure a woman into it. One would then use their parallel parking skills to get the woman naked and covered in the Manogloka (appley-chocolatey mix). Then he climbs in and enjoys the party.
He gave her the longest Belgian Bubble Bath I've ever heard of.
by jBuck20 March 24, 2010
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The act of farting in a mud puddle - the poor man's take on first world bubble cleansing.
"Who needs plumbing when I can share an ethiopian bubble bath with my bitch"
by Rizz of Ozz April 05, 2017
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