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A term for one woman to another to lead into nude relations and threesomes or foursomes. A word to break the ice between two women where one woman asks the other if she likes Bubble Baths. All women love Bubble Baths and when the other woman agrees, the predator woman will ask for the woman or the couple to come over to the house to take a bubble bath. Instigating a sexual tone that allows the broachment of threesomes or couple sex in the same room or even couple swapping for sexual fulfillment
Wife to a single lady, "Do you like Bubble Baths?"

Single Lady, "Yes I do."

Wife, "Then you ought to come over to our house. We have a big bathtub."

Single Lady, "That sounds great."

The Husband smiles.
by Heneverdies April 28, 2010
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A woman who is sexy enough for a wife to ask for a bubble bath. A bubble bath between two women ends up in a threesome or if the woman is with another man, could lead to wife swapping or same room sex. Bubble Bath Worthy is a term from one woman that is sexually aroused by another woman and she is willing to share her man since the woman is so sexy.
Wife, "That woman is Bubble Bath Worthy!"

Husband, "Oh yeah. I like the sound of that!"
by Heneverdies April 28, 2010
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