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a beautiful, sexy, crazy women who guys are attracted too
girl 1:i wish i was a brynlie
girl 2:me too

man 1: look at that brynlie.... damnnnn
by Sexy7849300 April 26, 2009
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a poor excuse for a person, one who lacks in all basic skills of life. but everyone loves her all the same... i dont know why though
omg brynlie you have such a big fupa i just threw up a little when you walked in the door.

did you see what brynlie is wearing?
who the hell is brynlie?
shes the one wearing a blue shirt with the fupa hanging out underneath.
oh yea i saw that, and after i did i had to wash my eyes out with soap.

man i feel so stupid... i almost feel like im brynlie...

my life sucks!! oh wait it could be worse i could be brynlie
by brynlieslover October 14, 2008
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