Someone you wish to get away from. Perhaps leave the country and start a new life.

Said someone may rage on Facebook once called, "crazy ex." Typically results in affirming oneself as said "crazy ex"
Damn, that Beccey is one crazy ex girlfriend. Had to move away from New Zealand to start a new life.
by Wow much crazy November 05, 2013
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No, not the misogynistic term commonly by dudes who blame their ex girlfriends on being "crazy" when in actuality it's a simplification of a number of mental illnesses.

I'm talking about the show that ran from 2015-2019, written by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna. A dark romantic comedy musical, that produced 157 original songs over the course of it's run.
It follows Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer living in New York whose motives in life are completely flipped around when she bumps into Josh Chan, a guy she dated for a onth when she was 16 at summer camp. She decides to move to his hometown, West Covina in Calefornia. Despite the shows name, the whole goal of the show is to take the harmful term back, and explain the reasons why it's harmful.
While Rebecca may seem like the perfect example of the "crazy ex-girlfriend", she suffers from undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, and does bad things throughout the series that lead up to her diagnosis, all while trying to deal with romance. While she first tries to persue Josh Chan, it changes to a love triangle and then a "love quadrangle".

The show tries to explain female sexuality, mental health and morality, among other things. It's been praised for it's represantation, like a CASUALLY gay man, and the well written arc of a man discovering his bisexuality.
Also the songs are fucking awesome.

In conclusion, I recommend it, watch it, it's on Netflix.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my favourite show but it's rare I come across anyone who has watched it and I desperately need to rant about it, that's why I end up writing urban dictionary entries about it to get out my obsession.
by demon debbie January 11, 2021
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