Someone who is a Brutus is a very good friend who gives you the screw job. This is derived from Julius Caesar's best friend. His best friend Brutus was the last person to stab the dictator Julius Caesar's last words were "Et Tu, Brute?" which means "You too Brutus?"
Jane; Lets fool around my parents are out of town
John; I'll be right over
Harry; Hey John did you tell her you got a girlfriend?
Jane; Get out of here
John; Thanks a lot Brutus
by mjn oasis September 27, 2006
A term used to describe a person who make it his objective to ruin any chance his friend has of pulling a girl that he likes!
I cant believe you brutused me.
Your such a brutus!!!
by wahlberg MC October 23, 2004
Verb) To change partners on a friend in beer-pong.
When Brian stopped playing with me, and became Bopp's partner, he brutused me.
by jabberwocky6 June 26, 2009
A popular password cracker program that is used to find the passwords of websites.
I used brutus to crack you pass...
by mdemon9991 January 23, 2005
The act of scratching one's own ballsack, then sticking the smelly fingers directly under the nose of an unsuspecting victim. Usually done as a sneak attack.
Mike pissed me off, so I felt he deserved a Brutus.
by Joe Blob October 4, 2005
"Oh look at brutus!! His ginger hair makes all the other boys and gals hee-hee"
by thiccgingersnickers May 23, 2019
A good freind who betrays u in some way
being it with the ladies
or noobing u on Cod4

"dude,u fucking Brutus u stole my kill "
"i didnt see your name on it "
"dude,u fucking Brutus u stole my kill "
"i didnt see your name on it "
by Jdawgthecool January 8, 2009