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Fat Cucci Area.
when a girls pussy area is fat.
Bob: so did u fuck that girl yesterday?
Tim: yeah she had a FCA.
Bob: FCA?
Tim: She had a fat cucci area.
Bob: Id SOOOO hit that!!!
Tim: HELL YEAH!! that shit was awesome
by Billy Bob Benit April 05, 2008
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Common phrase amongst law students, that stands for 'fat chick attitude'. It is the bitter, power-hungry and offensive nature inherit in fat woman that dervies from the fact that these people are ugly. They believe that no-one likes them due to their looks therefore they act like no-one likes them - hence the attitude.
Tali and Katie were rude - they had a bad case of F.C.A.
by Frank Lloyd Davis August 16, 2005
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"Hey Dave, there's Tom and his new girlfriend..."

-Dave looks-

by Le Geo May 27, 2008
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