"Wow, look at the slutty blonde attempt to insult brunettes. Haha, very funny."
by The Weasel! August 07, 2005
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A female with brown hair
1. supposedly clever not true in all cases as i am thick yet a brunette.
2. each hair colour has hot people not look at angelina jolie HOT BRUNETTE
me: mmmm angelina jolie
dumbass: whose she
me: that sexy brunette from tomb raider
by ali-pop September 08, 2005
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A female with brown hair. The only difference is hair colour. Any blondes that are sour about the fact that they are stereotyped as stupid or anything else about being blonde... do something about it rather than complain and girls with brown hair, if you have a problem with it, deal with it yourself.
Jordan: I hate her, she is a blonde/brunette, what a slag!
Johnny: What is the problem? Its only hair!
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Refering to a woman with dark brown or black hair, darker eyes, and usually dark complexion. Some people commonly label everyone with any shade of brown hair as "brunette", even though lighter shades of brown hair are anthropogically considered "blond(e)".
Many Spanish women are brunettes. Sarah is a brunette, she has dark hair.
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
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A darker than blonde, lighter than black. Simple as that. No your not smarter, more rare blah blah blah. ITS THE FREAKING COLOUR OF YOUR HAIR. And the really classy "lady-like" thing to do would be stop putting down blonde, yeah okay?

If your hot your hot, if your ugly your ugly. Hair has no real affect at the end of the day. Lets all be mature.
We're all human. Brunette, Blonde or Blue
by Odette67362 April 18, 2010
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A brunette is a girl with brown hair. That is all that a brunette is, they are not necessarily smarter or prettier than blondes or redheads neither are they necessarily less clever or pretty than girls with different coloured hair. It's just genes or coincidence and learning is what makes you smarter. No Duh!
Bob: I'm going out with a blonde
Bill: I'm going out with a redhead
Ben: I'm going out with a brunette
Bob: Haha blondes are prettier than brunettes
Bill: Sure they are
Ben: Whatever, blondes are stupid!
Bill: What the hell are you on about it makes no difference
Leela: What's going on here?
Ben: Blondes are stupid aren't they?
Leela: No, I'm blonde and top of all my classes
Bill: See...
Bob: Yeah but brunettes are prettier
Leela: No Have you not seen some brunettes compared to blondes/ redheads/ girls with black hair?
by leela May 19, 2007
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girls who are so totally awesome! brunettes rule the world and absolutely rock!!!
jojo - a girl that followed her dreams at the age of 13!! it doesnt get much better than that ;-)
by tori April 21, 2005
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