A show about two preteen (now teen) twins living in the Tipton hotel in Boston, MA. Though it was generally okay in the beggining, this show has become increasingly horrible over the past couple of years. Stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Dude, WTF was that stupid show called that we watched last night?

Oh yeah, that was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It was okay at first, but now it kinda sucks.
by R-Cad39 February 19, 2009
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A television show madefor kids ages 8-11. The show is about two spoiled rotten teens who wreck havoc around the hotel they live in and always get away with it.

Zack is the sterotypical bad boy, whose only lines apparantly are ones that are supposed to be stupid. A joke from one episode is:
Cody: Mom's birthday is on tuesday so what should we get her
Zack: Mom has a birthday?
Cody: Yes, and I think we should get her a necklace
Zack: What's a necklace?
Ok so most of the jokes are supposed to be that Zack is an idiot. While Cody is the sterotypical nerd.
The show is highly unrealistic and sends a message to kids that you can destroy as many things and cause as much trouble around a hotel or anywhere and you will always get away with it because your parents will always take bail you out.
If that show were real then Zack and Cody would be arrested for damaging property, disturbing the peace, and will possibly have to pay thousands of dollars in damages.

Zach would probably drop out of high-school, sell drugs, and then get arrested, and be put in death row. His last words would be "What is death row?".
Cody would probably be released on bail, and he would finish High-school but his bad-reputation and jail sentance would not allow him to attend any college. He would work at Mcdonalds and probably marry a prostitute.

London would probably end up like Paris Hilton or become poor when her father stops funding her. Maddy hopefully will have a good future.
*On the next episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody*
Zack:Hey Cody, you wanna make a mess around the hotel and destroy thousands of dollars of property?!
Cody: HELL YAH! Nothing ever happensto us because our mom will always bail us out
Zack: Yah Totally!
*Two hours later*
Zack: OH My God! We killed Mr.Mosbe
Cody:You hid the body right?
Zack: Yah
Cody: You made it look like a accident
Zack: This is terrible.We're soo in trouble
Cody: We've done worse, and nothing ever happens to us. Remember mom always bails us out
Zack: Oh yah
by Annemermaid1995 August 23, 2009
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