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When you stick your face in between a chicks breasts and shack your face back and forth while making a "bbbbbrrrrr" sound.
Man that chicks got some big tits...I would love to brumski her.
by Kevin April 15, 2003
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The exclaimation said before reaching out, grabbing and squeezing a man's testicals. He can prevent said attack by exclaiming, "No Brumski."
Even though Keith is a heterosexual, it hurt when he said, "brumski" and grabbed my boys!
by jewy josh October 03, 2006
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The act of one sticking their face in between two female breasts and rubbing their face back and forth and saying bruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmski!
John: How was the date last night?

Dan: Decent, I gave her a brumski.
by Big Mumble September 13, 2005
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Birmingham based skiing fools who make a habit of leaving people in Scottish Cities.
Brumski have left half their team in Edinburgh again.
by warwick wanker November 20, 2003
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