Someone who's tough and doesn't get taken down easily, someone who has a history of being in fights and winning.
That Tony was a bruiser, he'd get knocked down and bounce right back up, then he knock em down and they'd never stand up.
by calypso April 4, 2005
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someone who is rather large in bodily proportion. They would have little trouble in kicking some anus !
'That bluddy woman at the customs in Canada was a right bruiser, did u see the fucking size of her !!'
by Samwell April 29, 2005
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Someone who is masculine, handsome and loved by the ladies.
Female #1: That Danny sure is a Bruiser.

Female #2: He sure is. I'd love to chat with him.
by Can't Lie August 1, 2006
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A very unattractive woman. Often associated with large size or a prehistoric quality.
This nasty girl at the bar, I tell ya she was a real bruiser, went home with my roommate.
by Sabb April 2, 2006
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a baby who is (a) big and fat when he/she is born and/or (b) gave his/her mother a lot of kicks and squirms during the pregnancy.
New Mom's Friend: Wow, look at that baby! He's huge! And he is downing that bottle like he is 10 months old.

New Mom: I know, but he's only 3 weeks old. He just takes after his dad and me since we're both tall. Little Bruiser. He's a hungry thing! And we was too big to fit in my belly for the last 2 months of me carrying him. He was always squirming around and kicking me hard.
by 81mclaren September 19, 2010
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Bruiser is short and has never owned a DSM
by TheMan April 21, 2005
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dog that does not know how mean and destructive he can be
hey bruiser ,stp that
by bruice April 9, 2017
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