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an ugly ass girl with a smoking body
also see BENGAL
its called a brownbagger... cuz shes one of those girls that ud fuck if they had a brown bag over there head
by THE BIG BLACK COCK June 10, 2003
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A woman with a fine ass body but an ugly face. But hey, that's nothing a brown bag can't handle.
"girl you're a brown bagger, you ugly as hell, but I would still hit that if you put a brown bag on your head."
by Zclause September 10, 2008
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adj. 1) A person whose face must be coverd by a brown paper bag in order to enter any form of relationship with them; 2) An unattractive partner.
"As I'm single right now, I just don't see myself dating a brownbagger any time soon."

"Dude, you are dating such a brownbagger."

"Damn, that Chick's a Stunner, check out that Body!"
"Maybe you should turn her around, check out that face."
"Oh Sh%t, She is such a Brownbagger!"
by TNT&MnMs February 24, 2010
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Another term for butterface (see definition) where the chick is hot except that if her face were a weapon, it would be a harmful one (she's ugly) but you are drunk and she has a nice body, and you want some 'nanny, so you put a bag over her's the degrading trade off we give women for allowing them to vote.
Skillet be real, no deal, you gotta shred that cheddar man, they all up on you!
by McMichael VanWasson March 07, 2003
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Hot bod and a nightmare of face.

Implying you would befoul her...if you could stand to look above her shoulders...or were simply drunk enough.
"That chick over there is definitely a brown-bagger with those goods and that face."
by D0TY February 18, 2003
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Someone drinking liquor from a bottle in a brown paper bag. Usually in the street in the unposh parts of town.
Ten brown baggers sitting on the wall. If one brown bagger etc.
by sevenhn January 24, 2006
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A group fo girls who have a nice body but will only be hott if they ahev a bag on thier head
Wow dan see those awesome brown baggers
by mr sprinkles September 21, 2006
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