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a blow job received while pooping. most commonly performed on oneself while on the toilet.
"do you enjoy giving yourself a brown job in my shower?"
by ozonespider March 28, 2009
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Someone who wears a khaki uniform - eg army - as opposed to a 'blue job' which refers in Britain to naval or airforce personnel. At the end of WW2 'blue job' also referred to members of the Allied Control Commission who wore blue uniforms.
I wrote to the Foreign Office and was told to go home and come back in my new uniform. From the khaki of UNRRA to the blue uniform of the Control Commission. In the language of the day I went home a brown job and came back a blue job.
Their job was to maintain the equipment, both wireless and flare piles which were large beacon pipes which were switched on when the bombers had taken off or returned. Stan enjoyed this job as he said, “A blue job’s better than a brown job.”
What ever it will be, it'll be called a brown job !
He seems hoist by his own petard - yet another example of a brown job supporting those who say they are ill-suited to discuss Air Force matters. It was a pity to spoil a good article by a cheap sideswipe at the junior service.
She said no, of course, because I was never, or ever would be, a "brown job"! Some people will never grasp the difference between Marines and Army! ...
She had to keep a low profile because the naval types thought that going out with a "brown job" was tantamount to mutiny
by Henley July 30, 2007
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to have your boss think that your doing a great job, but everyone else in the entire world realizes you're failing miserably, can be the start of your boss demise, term comes from Mike Brown and GWB after katrina
"Brownie your doing a heck of a job" Bush
Pete's a brown jobber, his work is crap but the boss loves him
by Paul S. W. November 09, 2006
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