Legend. Pure fucking legend.
“Man, what a cool guy
“Yeah, he’s a proper Courtland”
by NippyTheSluttyWienerWhacker December 18, 2020
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A guy who doesn't know what he wants, will play with your mind and will break your heart a few times but you will still love him no matter what.
Girl: I can't stand courtland.
Friend:but you still love him though
Girl:I know I can't stop loving him.
by Thotytohottie May 31, 2017
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Courtland is a bald man with sand paper like chin features. Usually found in his natural habitat the basketball court and likes to shoot some hoops. Lurks around elementary schools...
by Bigbigbogman1984 November 13, 2019
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A female who is usually level headed. Knows how to have a lot of fun but knows when enough is enough. A courtland is usually good at whatever they set their mind to, and uses determination. A common nick name is Court.
Person 1: look at that girl over there having fun
Person 2: yea she looks like courtland
by Mikedoss12 August 29, 2011
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a hot sexy man that lives near me.. he also likes to hook up with girls. but hes willing to be in a relationship because he loves you. he also loves girls named caroline or rachel
Girl1: i hooked up with courtland!
Girl2: omg i heard that he wants to have a relationship now with a girl!
Girl1: wow thats sooo not like him!
by unicornsrainbows August 1, 2011
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someone who tries too hard, and always finishes last.
courtland is a nice but maybe too nice
by courltand June 27, 2020
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Noted as the best school in Spotsylvania county. Has some of the hottest girls and guys and represents the best class... CLASS 0F 2006. Has the best parties where the cops dont get called and where people dont run through barbed wire in order to escape from the cops. It isnt filled with dirty people who get incredibly drunk and hook up with random guys and then deny it all the next day. Not very many people at Courtland "pop their collars" and the ones who do... Look damn good with it popped so all you gay ass Riverbend kids, can basically get on your knees now and kiss my ass because we all know Courtland prevails in everything! Oh yeah and for the rest of you Riverbend kids who think you're hot and wanna talk shit about Courtland kids say something now. At least when we have parties we provide alcohol as where yall rely on the Courtland kids to bring it.
Damn Courtland is one tight school I feel bad for all those sorry losers who go to Riverbend.
by TheRealBrookeConn March 24, 2005
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