The zone even further out then the 'friend zone'. You are the ultimate friend, 'pretty much like my brother!'. This can apply to women as well, that of being in the 'sister zone'. Once you're in one of these zones though, it's best to come to the realization that you only make out of one zone. Brother zone - moves up to friend zone - friend zone sometimes can move past and become that of a dating partner (when lucky).
Matt: Why are you always hanging with Alicia, why don't you ask her out already?
Dan: Can't man. I'm in the brother zone.
Matt: Crikey!!
by srirachalover666 November 25, 2014
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Similar to the friend zone, but much, much worse. Simply put, it is when the girl you have feelings for cares about you to the extent that she thinks of you as not just a friend but as her "brother", making any potential chance for a relationship disappear.
Guy 1: God, I'm in the friend zone...

Guy 2: Shut the hell up, at least the friend zone has a way out. I'm in the brother zone. I'm totally fucked.

Guy 1: Damn, and I thought I had it bad.

Guy 2: You ain't kidding.
by aikm,ld March 01, 2009
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When you're interested in taking your friendly relations with a girl to the next level and she rejects you, with her reason being you are like an older or younger brother figure for her. Basically a dead end to any further advances.
Guy: "So I was wondering if you'd like to go out on a real date with me sometime..."

Girl: "Ha ha no, that would be too weird! You're like a brother to me!"

Guy: "Brother zone! See ya."
by jthebro February 12, 2013
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Like the friendzone but much worse. When a guy gets rejected then proclaims you're like a brother to her.
Guy: I love you, will you go out with me?
Girl: That's cute, but I don't feel that way towards you, you're like a brother to me.
Guy: Damn it I just got brother zoned!
by mrperson123 April 11, 2017
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The ultimate level of friendzone invented by women. It is like an inescapable pit of hell where the female you have romantic interest in, will destroy your all hope of having an romantic relationship with her and will turn you into an ultra super mega ultimate friend slash brother. The term is very popular in some countries where male-female "friendship" isn't a norm yet. Especially south asian ones like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh where it is known as Bhai Zone . Unlike Friend zone there is no hope of escaping brother zone. And it involves much more suffering. The only thing a guy can do after being friendzoned is ignore the girl although that is almost impossible as the girl will want help and favors from the guy as a brother.
Alex: Hey Martin, how's the girl you've been dating for two months?
Marty: She Brother zoned me man.

Alice: You've been a good friend of me Steve. You're like the brother I never had.
Steve: Thanks. (goes home and cries...) Noooooo, I have been brother zoned.
by Psuedopodium May 22, 2014
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(also Bro-zoned) worse than getting friend-zoned or acquaintance-zoned. Mainly happens to girls who have an eye out for someone at least a year older than themselves.

After hanging out a few times, the guy stops considering the girl as girlfriend material rather than his little sister. They can have lots of fun together but nothing more serious than that. You can't really get out of this any possible way (perhaps after 2 or more years not seeing each other)
~ Is that your friend? He's a cutie ^^

> Yep kinda, but brother-zoned me the very first day :/

~ I feel for you sis!
by She Anarchy October 18, 2014
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The act of putting someone in the Brother Zone, a deeper version of the Friend Zone.
Dude - Bro, you should totally date her
Bro - Dude, I can't
Man - Bro, you friend-zoned or something?
Bro - Nah Man, She's Brother-Zoning me

by THATCARRGUYyt January 28, 2018
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