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Bro-zoning is when a girl is referred to as "Bro" by a guy. This can happen whether said girl likes said guy or not, and is more likely to happen if the girl is a gamer. Level of insult is dependent on how many guys have bro-zoned said girl before you do.
Guy: Hey, bro! Wanna play a game at my place?
Girl: ...


Girl: Guy totally just bro-zoned me...
Friend: I know that feel...
by SsSs February 23, 2013
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to be essentially "friend-zoned" except this is exclusively from a man, usually a bro.
jessica: "hey did you get with michael the other night"
rene:" no, i think he totally brozoned me"
by idontlikethefriendzone March 14, 2011
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Brozoned is when a female calls you as his younger brother or like his younger brother he’s never had, far worse than a friend zone
Julie “ Sumit I love you!”
Sumit “ That’s a lie”
Julie “ yes I do, you are like my little brother and I love you”

Brozoned - being someone’s little brother
by Hodken Quevondo October 30, 2017
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Much like a friend zone but the other way around. It is when a girl like a guy but the guy just wants to be friends and she is stuck in a reverse friend zone known as being brozoned
She like me bro but i brozoned her sorry ass.
by Booty Stank May 29, 2014
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Its the Ultimate level friend zone. It happens when the girl you have a crush-on or are in love with not only see you as a friend but also as a brother.
Boy: Girl I love you...
Girl: Sorry Boy but I only see you as a little brother...

by Dknight0404 April 17, 2014
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