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The 4 ft tall 300 pounds princi of LFJC who incidently is gay and has a secret affair going on with the PT sir

and also with the hod of the english dept mrs sadana ..jus to cover up bein GAY SON OF A BITCH..........
WE HATE BRO.JAMES who has no NUTS!!!

BASKET BALL BUSTED, DONT WORRY JAMES IS THERE .!!!(fer all the noobs who don't understand ....we mean he his fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by little November 05, 2004
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Guys i uploaded a pic...showin this pimp in GOA! Check it out! and as for what i gotta say...JAMES!!!!! ur a mommafucka! sunday college mahn? are u fuckin outta ur fuckin head? why dontcha do find somthin better to do like gettin a friggin abortion??? Coz really u fucker...wajja think...u cud hav a cross between a dogg and a whatever u are, as a fuckin pet??? ill tell u the fuckin result...ull hav a barkin sonofabitch fuckin all the coke bottles fallen around the campus! Oh and as for tht vice-fuckin-princy! ask him to go take some spoken english classes coz the mofo wudnt kno the fuckin diff between a prayer and a fuckin christmas carol!
Mahn...this is a warnin for all those who wanna join this shit hole! All u get here is a big fat bitch called Shakuntala (calls herself Shakalaka ??? ) whose only purpose here is to give all the princys, vice-princys, and their mutts a good long blow before they sleep...COZ SHE SURE AS HELL DONNO NO BOTANY!!!!!!!!!!!
by Da Moneymahn! December 03, 2004
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the chutick principal of lfjc who is a dumb fuck malyali rand who cant pronounce words properly(i dont mean to hurt any malyalis)and who ain't giving us enough holidays casue he'll miss ogling at the asses and boobies of the girls and the dicks of the guys and of course fucking and getting fucked by the pt master
"JAMES"--common lfjc slang for anything gross , disgusting ......

arey lavda james

james mar jaa na kutta !!!!

james kaisa lavda hai tu
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this bloody...son of a whore...who roams bout the fuckin college like a perverted sexually handicapped eagle...this 4 ft tall bisexual perverted BASTARD...looks at all the small boops in the college....i HATE U...i mean we the students of lfjc HATE who the fuck do u think u r..nd u think we students dint see u..lickin lincoln's pussy...dint u shorty...
by BACARDI December 12, 2004
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a mothafuckin son of a whore....srry a fathafuckin son of a whore....dusn dat make sense now...bastard..this is fer all the shit u been puttin moneyman in...sunday coll..??..ridiculous punk.. get sum hair implanted n bout ur u even see ur dick...???
a faggot, randi, guyz gay can go to lfjc...have fun.!
by jamehater November 06, 2004
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The biggest mother fucker..this heartless bastrd...who only knows to look at the dicks of other guys...he gets no respect frm any1.....
This mother fucker forces his mom to give him a blow job...this shameless mother fucker has sex with sabiya..who is the prostetute 4 all the male teachers...
I HATE U BASTARD,U BETTER B CAREFUL b4 i shuv the stick up ur ass.........
by BEWADA November 20, 2004
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