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Shakuntala is a kind human being who loves everyone and everything around her. She will do anything for her friends and will always be there for anyone, even if they are a stranger. She will respect if you do or do not want to talk about something but will make sure you know that she will always be there for her.
Friend 1: Hey guess what?
Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: I met a really nice girl at school yesterday!
Friend 2: YAY! Is she nice? What's her name?
Friend 1: Shakuntala and yeah she is super nice!
Friend 2: Well of course! Shakuntala's are always so nice!
Friend 1: Well this Shakuntala is even nicer than anyone I have ever met!
Friend 2: That's great!d
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by HelloFrend123 May 01, 2019
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