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an acronym for "When I Drink"
i. e. a person that doesn't smoke normally, but begins to bum smokes from others a few drinks into the evening. Invariably, these people NEVER buy a pack of cigartettes, EVER!!!
"Dude, I'm buzzed, can I have a cigarette?"

"Dude, you're a WID"
by Riffhard March 16, 2010
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When its Done
Bill : When will you send me that new mod your making
Tom : wid!
by Manic Pitch Streaker May 31, 2004
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"Woman in Disguise"

A man or boy who behaves more like a women emotionally or who's physical appearance is less masculine than your typical male.

Often emotionally needy, bitchy, in need of constant attention and praise or being a pussy.
Her boyfriend is such a WID, I swear he's wearing a tampon.
by Nuprin1 July 18, 2016
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A slang term in Washington State: declaring a time to assemble and drink beer. Coined originally in 1997 by Brian Henderson "Sir Widsean", as an acronym for "When In Doubt, Stout" to assist indecision in ordering a carbonated malt beverage. It has NOW become a call to action for those in the know.
An email will issue containing only the word WIDS and a time. That will alert all recipients of the time to assemble and hoist. Any questions?
by slinx007 May 01, 2010
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