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in baseball, a guy who will give you a professional at-bat with the game on the line
"and with that at-bat, carl everett says: 'I'm a moneyman and with the game on the line, I'm going to give you a professional AB.'"
by m's fan April 25, 2006
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Nickname given to Mehmet Okur, current NBA basketball player for the Utah Jazz.

Okur earned the nickname "The Money Man" midway through the 2006-2007 NBA season because of his late-game heroics and overall clutch play during the closing moments of several important games. Okur, a 7-foot center/power forward, is uniquely known for his lethal 3-point range. Because of his size, Okur's deep shooting is difficult to defend.

It is rumored that NBA statisticians found Okur, also nicknamed "Memo", led the NBA in game-tying or lead-taking shots with less than two minutes to play for all games played during the 2006-2007 season, ranking him higher than other notable clutch players such as Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

The nickname originated from Jazz broadcaster Craig Bolerjack, who so frequently commented that the long 3's shot by Okur were "Money" because of Memo's consistent accuracy in pressure situations. When interviewed by Bolerjack, Okur mentioned that he looks forward to taking the big shots in important situations and that he and his teammates have confidence in his ability to win close games at the end. Jazz fans, tuning in to Bolerjack's broadcasts during pressure situations, have become accustomed to hearing "Utah down by 2, 10 seconds remaining. Deron Williams with the ball, crosses over, gets into the paint, Okur is open for 3, Williams finds him, the shot is up......AND IT'S GOOD! The Money Man does it again! Okur with a 3 at the buzzer!"

Mehmet Okur is now regarded by fans and players as one of the NBA's top clutch performers.
Example 1
Broadcaster 1: "Utah has the ball, down by 2. Who do you think will take the last shot?..."

Broadcaster 2: "The Money Man, of course. If I'm the Wizards' coach, I'm telling all my guys to not allow Okur to catch the ball."

Example 2

Fan 1: "Who are the most clutch players in the NBA today?"

Fan 2: "Well I'd have to go with The Mamba, LeBron, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Agent Zero, and the Money Man."
by Thunder DG April 11, 2008
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Money man is when Damon pulls up with the bag and steals all your shorties and ya momma and yo cousins too ( NO GUYS)
Damn money man stole yo girl too, my cousin ain’t come back home yet either
by Yung Pablo November 01, 2019
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Money man is when Damon comes with all his bands and steals yo momma, cousins, sister
Damn Money man took yo momma too bro, my cousin ain’t come back home yet
by Yung Pablo November 01, 2019
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A man obsessed with money and only cares about money, with no true feelings whatsoever.
The businessman I met tonight was such a moneyman.
by Mister Felly September 06, 2019
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