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A very sexy, overly attractive man. Bad at sports, but still finds a way to make girls fall in love with him. Most of the time, shyest guy you will ever meet. Has amazing hair, that all the girls fall in love with. Usually tall and sweet.
Wow look at that sexy Taner over there!

What amazing hair that Taner has
by Jakson Raddle November 12, 2012
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A man's name of Turkish descent meaning "Warrior of the Dawn". A man possessing this name is usually characterized by an unreasonable amount of love for technology and fast food. A Taner can eat multiple buckets of KFC wings while watching SpaceX launching their rockets in space. In the end he still wouldn't be full and would order a jumbo Domino's pizza. Taner also likes to abuse alcohol and hit on everything that remotely resembles a girl, but he never does drugs.
-Wow, that guy just ordered 3 large meals for himself!
-Yeah, and I saw him ordering desert from another place on his new iPhone...
-His name must definitely be Taner.
by Bellend_stroker February 16, 2018
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One who displays overly homosexual tendencies in public and often whines about everything. Generally used as a male name. This person goes out of their way to bitch about everything while also openly flaunting their homosexuality in an attempt to anger people, hoping to start another conflict to complain about.
Guys, there's a Taner coming, just ignore him.
by Sphincter 69 October 14, 2012
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A very sexy, overly attractive man. Great at spots, girls love his hair and he's very funny. Sometimes he can be shy. Usually tall and sweet.
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by Me.Deen April 16, 2017
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