When a bro brushes your knee/ shoulder/ etc in a fashion expressing interest/ attraction.
Bro, You like me? did you just brosh my knee? Brush bru bruh bro affection attraction
by A Mysterious Gentleman January 18, 2017
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derives from the portuguese word meaning Blowjob. Brosh can go both ways for men and woman.
How was the brosh last night?
Do you think she's the Brosh type?
Tu voglio Brosh?
by Riccio October 29, 2006
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The act of multiple males hanging out or chillin' in one's basement and/or man cave. Short for the words bro (brother) and sesh (session) or bro sesh.
Jeff- Dude what's going on tonight?
Drewski- I think we're broshing in David's crib.
Jeff- Sweet bro, i love broshes.
by Branston Winstonwirth August 29, 2009
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Freaking out in an uncontrollable neurotic ADHD manner similar to Hyperbole and a Half author Allie Brosh.
I threw my socks in the hamper and they wound up under my underwear and I wondered if they were judging me for that...then I realized I was just Broshing.
by CriminallyVu1gar November 28, 2010
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To brosh: the act of a directly and momentarily looking at someone's crotch, with their knowledge.
Guy: Hey! Did I just catch you trying to brosh me?

Girl: Ya tu sabe! (For those without google translate, this means: you already know!)
by Bob Gi Net April 08, 2015
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Female version of Broski. A female who can hang with the guys. Typically, no sexual relationship accompanies this definition as this female is more like a brother than a sexual interest.
He: “What’s up Broshe?”

She: “ Dude, I’m in for windsurfing with you guys at the gorge this weekend.”
by JamesWeyand August 12, 2011
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bro + bashing

-The act of randomly teasing your friends about every single thing you can think of, no matter how insignificant it is.

-No matter if it's good or bad. If it's good you find a way to make it bad

-You may often find one particular thing to hate on them for and then make everything they do somehow related to that thing, so then you can tease them

-After all the teasing is done, you're always still cool with each other. Cause thats how broshing works!
"Dude you got a new hat!"

"I bet he got it from his gay lover!"

"Yeah, he sucks penis!!"

"Dude we are so broshing him!!!!"
by jiujitsujack September 05, 2009
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