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Used to state that there is too much/an excess of something.

Also stated to speak of ones physical strength
Yo man, that girls got a brollic ass forehead.

Damn you know that dudes on steroids, he brollic as hell
by Donald Winston-Day December 10, 2007
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"but when I get fucking flashed, it's like some big brollic black dude named fucking Requis, pulls a fucking bed sheet up and around my head and just proceeds to skull fuck me"
by LilCumDrop November 24, 2019
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1. the word used to describe someone of physical prowess or incredible strength

2. anything that is "brawling",violent,considered raw in nature

3. anything that fits in style of urban america.
"yo,dude was brollic"

"Man ya fuckin tracks on this CD are brollic as hell"

"yo,that jacket is brollic"
by Jewelius Seizer March 06, 2003
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a large amount of something. Extremely good.
Yo, that chronic is brollic.
That sac was brollic.
by P May 08, 2003
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An over exaggerated sense of a noun and/or situation.
Usually describing someone who has very big muscles.
This traffic jam is maaad brollic.

Look at that dude benching 350. He's brollic as fuck.

With my new raise, my paychecks gonna be brollic everyweek
by H-K August 05, 2008
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It is actually a negative word used to describe people who are "bro's."

It isn't really cool to be brollic. It's actually lame. In NYC people use the word Brollic to mock what people in the burbs sometimes think is cool - being big and muscular isn't popular with most ladies in the city, so instead they make fun of the brollic kids.
The Jersey Shore cast, who overuse the word Bro, go tanning, and use too much hair gel, are Brollic

Person a: Sup Bro
Person b: Yo Bro !!!
Person a: Bro you gotta check this !!
Person b: Bro that is crazy !!

^Brollic conversation
by fbd112233 August 17, 2012
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