That gay guy thinks he's mascular because he hits the gym hard, but have you heard him talk? Queen!

My, those dykes were scary mascular.
by sponty September 28, 2010
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a gay male; not a gay female, a gay male
that guy is mascular
by yuhi February 18, 2011
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look how mascular i am
look at william, he’s so mascular
by scaroline January 19, 2022
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Like masculine, only more so.
Travis:Have you seen Matt's new girlfriend? She's pretty masculine.
Dave: Shit dude, she's MascuLAR!
by gimpsuitjones April 17, 2006
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A form of size that involves not only being overly masculine but showing an increased muscle size with an overlying layer of pudgy adipose tissue.
by Stevil4321 November 15, 2012
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an over-the-top macho attitude that doesn't take itself too seriously, poking fun at manly pursuits in a humorous way

The word is a multiple portmanteau combining masculinity, muscularity and hilarity, coined in the Isaiah Mustafa viral ad campaign for Old Spice, July 12-15 2010.
"Unfortunately most people aren't pain-deflective pillars of strength and wisdom and mascularity."

Like the Man Show, most Super Bowl commercials are exercises in mascularity.
by filidhe July 15, 2010
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