Drinking an unknown amount of liquor until you become incoherent, and can't stand or belligerent.
Damn, I was broke off as hell last night!
by jusgiveittome May 24, 2006
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To be "broke off", simply means to be fucked up, or ragged shaped.
Ex. 1 "Idk what tf all these other posts are broke off just means you're fucked up."
Ex.2 "I got broke off from that workout today man, that shit was brutal."
by Lemmesmashbecky August 15, 2017
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To give someone something especially money when you are in a strapped position yourself.
I broke you off when them other niggas wouldn't give you a dime!
by dablackrabbit June 17, 2015
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2 get out yo deal by getting your cut early.
Shorty jus wanna get high.. he got broke off, he aint on no money.
by dolodolo111 July 7, 2022
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a term used when a group of friends are hanging out together and one leaves to go get a booty call
"he broke off the flock" = he was chyllin with his boys at the club met a gurl and was leavin to go get some booty
by bkborn1029 March 28, 2011
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